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Welcome to Private Punter


Welcome to Private Punter. This website is the culmination out of a long held interest in watching, researching and analysing companies and their shares.

For some time, I have written the weekly Private Punter column, for the Cambridge  News and there are links to the website where both current and previous articles, can be viewed.

At the outset, let me say that I am not providing advice, recommendations or share tips, there are plenty of other sites that offer those. Here you can share my thoughts on companies,  news that is released, along with my methods and analysis, which I undertake before even considering buying shares in a company.

The focus is more at the small cap end of the market spectrum, although I also have a particular and long- held interest in Cambridge companies which I visit whenever possible.

My passion is very much in watching and researching shares in order to come to some kind of opinion gleaned from information in the public domain. 

The quality of the research is clear from  the performance of the stocks I have covered in my Cambridge News column during last year. The average overall gain from all companies featured came in at sixteen per-cent, while the five Cambridge companies I looked at, performed amazingly  well.

Of course, there were some companies I looked at, that were absolute dogs, which is difficult to avoid in this game and unfortunately comes with the territory.

 So, whether you are new to shares, merely have a passing interest or are a more seasoned market watcher, I hope you will find the site interesting and keep coming back .


The research, news and opinions on this site are taken from information believed to be accurate and true, from within the public domain. Such opinions and research on the site DOES NOT constitute financial advice or recommendations at any point and should NOT be construed as such. Please UNDERTAKE YOUR OWN RESEARCH or seek Professional Financial advice when making investment choices and decisions.


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